Starting locally

After our transnational coordination meeting in Portugal, every partner organisation started preparing the first phase of local activities to be carried out in each country. The first activity in the agenda was to identify existing good practices at local level

that can help reduce de digital divide that exists for adults and senior population.

Each partners held meetings with adults, seniors, artists, educators, trainers, managers and/or other professionals of public and private entities in the fields of adult education, training, art, culture, citizen participation and new technologies, etc., in order to present the project publicly, increase its visibility and evaluate and reflect on the impact of Covid-19 on adults’ lives and the development of creative and digital skills (roundtable).

Finally, each partner carried out a diagnosis and definition of the specific learning needs of adults and senior population regarding digital and online skills to better address the activities of this project that aims to improve their competences in this field. This was done through a survey questionnaire aimed exclusively at adult and senior population interested in acquiring new competences for using existing digital and online tools, with the desire of developing their creative thinking for learning to learn in a changing and dynamic environment.

All the data gathered throughout this local activities I phase, will be used to create the material for the Blended mobility that will take form of an Online Training Course followed by a training in Malaga and future activities in the framework of this project.