Carry ON-LINE is an 18 month Strategic Partnership in response of the Covid-19 situation in the field of Adult Education for the exchange of good practices, that aims to develop digital competences and creative thinking of adult population to allow them to learn how to learn in a changing and dynamic environment that requires the use of digital and online systems.

The main objectives of the project are:
‑To facilitate the access to resources and opportunities offered by public and private entities through digital and online systems;
‑To improve digital skills and competences of adults and Seniors in order to contribute to their employability;
‑To develop adults and Senior creative thinking to allow them to learn how to learn in a changing and dynamic environment;
‑To create educational tools for facilitating the development of creativity and the learning and access of adult population to the digital world;
‑To strengthen the existing international network of organizations active in the field of adult education that work for the personal and professional development of population through the exchange and cooperation between Programme Countries.

Duration of the project: 15/05/2021 – 14/11/2022 [18 months]

The main activities are:
-Online kickoff meeting to specify strategies, working methodologies and details of activities;
-Creation of common tools for next stage of the project;
-Transnational Coordination Meeting (M1) in Arcos de Valdevez to coordinate project activities;
-Local activities I: analysis of digital learning needs, identification of resources and opportunities to reduce the digital divide, presentation of the project to local population;
-Development of the Online Educational Tools for adult population and translation to the language of each partner;
-Online Training Course with guidance and support to adult and Senior population. Three Modules: (1) Creative Thinking and Learning to Learn; (2) Funcional literacy in the framework of ITCs; (3) Digital competence for job search;
-Blended mobility for Adult Learners in Malaga, Spain;
‑Situation, identification and collection of good practices, local meeting in each country, analysis of learning needs and preparation for the training event;
-Local Activities II: validation of acquired competences and sharing of learning experience using digital tools;
-Final Conference to present the video and eBook of the project. Evaluation among partner organizations;
-Local Activities III: final versions of project eBook and video and dissemination of project results.

We consider that this project has an impact on participants (new skills acquired and/or improved, personal and professional development, etc.), organisations (use of new competences and tools, exchange of good practices, better quality of work, etc.) and on society (increased awarenss on the importance of reducing digital divide, new tools connected with digital competence and creative thinking , multiplier effect, etc.).